söndag 2 september 2012

Day 8

Getting up at 4am to do the night-to-morning survey we started with a trap check. We had caught a further two Rondo Dwarf Galagos! One had entered one of the tube traps which made it a premiere for that trapping method. One more of the tube traps had been set off and captured something but whatever it was it had escaped by biting a whole in the netpart of the trap. Most likely a rodent of some kind. Also this time we released one without sampling since one of them was a re-catch. Apparently they don't seem to mind too much our handling of them or they just enjoy a drink of palm wine now and again...

In Andy's hand - Rondo Dwarf Galago

Evening started off a little bit quieter trapping wise compared to the last two nights. Only one Zanzibar galago had entered...however, while we starated to process the sampling and realized that this also was one already captured before we heard another trap set off. This was a Rondo Dwarf Galago and from a first glimpse it looked like a young one, i.e. no re-capture. Whilst carrying it back to Andy's tent, where we do the processsing, we heard another trap set off. The one we had was hung from a tree and we went for the new one. Apparently we run an appreciated joint since this also was a re-capture of a Rondo Dwarf. Well, we still had the new young one waiting for us. Or so we thought. It had squeezed itself out of the bag and into freedom. Not to worry though, it'll come back. They all seem to do.

Simon looking for galagos.

We also had another case of jail brake from one tube trap tonight, or more correctly a break in. Someone had chewed itself through the net in the back of the trap and taken the banana. This has now been fixed with wire net to make it more safer from unwanted in or out breaks. Funny note is that the net on the back is the only part of this trap that I have contributed to assemble...

Getting ready for the night again.

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