söndag 2 september 2012

Day 11

A night of trapping success yet again. Two Rondos and one Garnetti but only one Rondo Dwarf was new one to our traps. This leaves us with the total of:

  • 9 Rondo Dwarf Galago
  • 4 Zanzibar Galago
  • 3 Garnett's Galago
High-5 Andy!

Quite a sample size for our genetic analysis!

We packed up camp in the morning and left around noon. All went very smooth. We are now back at Andy's place in Dar es Salaam and will stay here until Tuesday when we take off for Mtai Forest Reserve in northern Tanzania. Feels kind of nice to be able to shower again...and have more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep for a couple of nights.

I think this trap needs some mending to be of any use again...

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