torsdag 27 september 2012

Day 32

One re-trapping of a Zanzibar galago proved to be this night’s trap record. I have a strong suspicion that this is the same guy that was re-trapped yesterday in the same trap as well. He apparently like the serving of palm wine and bananas before he goes to bed.

The morning was chorused by a two black and white colobus groups. The singing went on for half-an-hour and then one group spent some time in the trees near camp eating breakfast. A nice view for our breakfast as well.
Not a black and white colobus monkey!

A few things were running out in terms of food and supplies so a ride to town was called for. Car started, after a little more protests than the other day, but still. We started off at our stammis place for lunch and on the menu was a Sunday goat. That made us all quite satisfied but the car thought differently. Our first attempt to push-start it was unsuccessful so we had to push it back up the tiny slope again. This engaged a bunch of guys to help us and we got it started on the second try. We gave the guys some money for helping us but it was clearly not enough for them. I got the feeling we were on a verge being dragged into the same event that took place here last time we had lunch – a fist fight. However, we stood out ground and drove off and things cooled down.
"OK, I am out of here!"
- A Garnett's galago is being released.

Moving traps from an unsuccessful site to a new site was the activity for the afternoon. Coming to an end of our trip we also tried to bait with a new delicacy – jackfruit. Will this boost our capture rates even more? The evening gave us an indication with a new Zanzibar galago trapped and also a re-trapping of the same species. We have now caught eight different individuals of Zanzibar galago!

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