söndag 2 september 2012

Day 6

Compared to the evening we had a quiet night. No more adders being chased off by elephant shrews and no more galagos in our traps. Back for breakfast and then, after sorting out the samples from last night, it was nap time.

Before lunch, Andy and our local guide Saidi and I drove to the village water supply to collect more water for cooking, tea and coffee. The water supply was not a cemented well nor had it a pump but more resembled a ditch. Very near a marsh, this was ground water that local people had as a water source. Going by the looks of it, the nearest fee days will be quite interesting...stomach wise that is.

Andy is contemplating the day.

Around 4 pm we got visited by Jihaja and his student. They came with some supplies that was forgotten yesterday and planned to stay the night. They tagged along on our evening surveys but nothing could be spotted. I went with Simon and Saidi and we got some films and photos of a Zanzibar galago but otherwise it was calm.

Our cook Said and our local guide Saidi collecting water for the camp.
After supper, we are on our way to bed, I go to brush my teeth and see a pair of eyes in the trap just near my tent. Yay! No sleeping just yet then. It was an adult male Zanzibar galago. It was the first time Jihaja's student had ever seen a galago.


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