torsdag 27 september 2012

Day 31

Getting up at 3:45am to do another round of trap control and close the traps for the night. Guess what? In the trap that had caught 4 other Zanzibar’s we now had yet another trapped. We also had a re-trapping in the nearby tube trap which was released without further ado. We are starting to reach the numbers of caught individuals of Zanzibar galago equal to Rondo Dwarf Galagos caught in Ruvu South Forest Reserve, our first leg of this trip.

Baby-face Zanzibar Galago.

We got visitor this afternoon! Nike, Amani, Olivia and their friend Lisa came from Dar es Salaam to visit us for one night. The camp got revived and full of life! As with their visit at Ruvu South FR it was nice with a change of pace. After an early supper we all went for a walk. We spotted one Zanzibar galago and heard a few calls and then returned for a trap check. There was nothing to be found in the traps at this point. The late evening trap check, however, introduced a newbie to our sample collection – a Garnett’s galago. It had, as four other Zanzibar galagos before him, gone into the now aptly named “Golden Trap”. The handling and sampling of this fellow reminded us why we prefer the smaller galagos…
Andy and I hanging out in front of my tent.

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