söndag 2 september 2012

Day 5

The night was quite calm but one visual observation was done of a Zanzibar galago. Nice breakfast in front of the campfire and then a I put my feet up for 45 minutes or so. During my nap Andy and the Saidi went on a rampant tour of the charcoal making sites. They confiscated two pangas (machetes) and one pick axe plus destroying sleeping mats and a plastic roofs at two charcoaler's camp sites.

Checking out traps and something on Andy's laptop.

Just before lunch and entire afternoon was spent on assembling the Chardonnerets traps. We got a visit from Jihaja, from TFCG, and a student. They delivered the much wanted palm wine, pombe, that is a big favorite amongs galagos and, hence, used as bait in the traps. After a discussion around a cup of tea regarding the state of the forest and the way the villagers are set aside whenever there is money to be made, we started to set up one trap for our visitors and camp staff to see. Seven more traps was set up and then it started to get dark so the ninth was to be saved for the tomorrow.

The bold Four-toed Elephant Shrew.

The evening survey was a very interesting and included an observation, filming and photgraphing of a Four-toed Elephant Shrew (Petrodromus tetradactylus) chasing off a puff adder (Bitis arietans) from its territory Further, a Suni Duiker (Neotragus moschatus) and a Rondo Dwarf Galago was spotted. Back at camp supper awaited. After this very pleasant meal I went off to check on two traps that hadn't been controlled. We had been very fortunate in that one juvenile male (as it turned out) Zanzibar galago had decided to visit us and get caught on one of the traps. Happy days! After all kinds of sampling it was released again and we got get us a very nice cup of coffee. A few hours of sleep and we will be up again checking traps.

Our very first capture of this trip - Zanzibar galago.

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