torsdag 13 september 2012

Day 18

All traps are up and will we get something first night? I am afraid we didn’t. The night survey and trap check was as quiet as the night before, even more quiet, at least for Simon and me. We did catch the space station passing in the sky, but otherwise no real activity. Andy, though, got some recordings indicating that the small galagos that are present, but in low frequencies, are the Zanzibar galagos. A relatively cold but clear morning came to an end. Better luck tonight.

Said is baking bread (Photo by
Simon Bearder).
Our cook, Said, baked us some marvelous bread today. It’s quite an amazing skill to be able to bake over an open fire. We were all very grateful! Evening surveys was very quiet. The number of calls heard of galagos could be counted on one hand. Andy and Simon saw one of our wanted briefly but they are not present in any high densities here. We are almost starting to despair.

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