torsdag 13 september 2012

Day 22

Waking up after a nice long sleep and in a dry place really is highly underestimated! I got up for breakfast and we started to re-group for the last leg of the journey. When it will be we couldn’t yet decide. We will head off in 2-4 days. The early exit from Kambai FR gave us a couple of extra days and it feels as if I need a few extra days to recharge. We got loads of wet stuff that needs to be washed and dries and it would be nice to have a Therma-Rest that doesn’t deflate after a couple of hours…Helping us with these chores are the household helpers Monica and Dwight. They are gold worth!  It would also be nice to get those darn CITES export permits before we leave, or at least the promise of a potential that they might be ready when we come back. Andy’s working on that and we have all our fingers crossed!

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