torsdag 27 september 2012

Day 30

The morning was just about to be turned in early. No galagos in the traps until the last one were checked. Yeay! We had caught yet another one, a male Zanzibar galago this time. We have now reached a number of five galagos sampled, a number that provides relative power to the genetic analysis we are after. We continue our sampling quest for at least few more days though. Andy’s family, with Nike, Amani and Olivia are coming down to visit tomorrow.

Zanzibar Galago posing for pictures.

The afternoon was, as usual here quite hot – 38 degrees Centigrade. There are just so much things you can and want to do at a temperature like that. A group of black and white colobus monkeys spiced up with a Sykes’ monkey passed over our camp in the late afternoon providing us with some distraction and a lot of photo ops. Just before dusk we headed out to the surrounding woodland areas, a different kind of forest to the one we have our camp, to see what was there. Our trustworthy car (…) did actually start without manual effort – twice! The mechanics got it relatively fixed it seems! Once in the woodland and once dusk had fallen we spotted a Zanzibar galago and heard a Garnett’s galago, in other words the same species as here.
Black and white colobus monkey
(Colobus angolesnsis palliatus) hanging out above our camp.

After supper we had the usual trap control before bedtime. In the same trap as three times before we had a new visitor – a Zanzibar juvenile male! This trap is gold worth!

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