torsdag 27 september 2012

Day 28

Up in the morning around 4am, sip a cup of cocoa and off to check on traps. With 14 traps up we started at the ones closest to camp and worked our way down to the farthest. Reaching the last Chardonneret trap and something is different. The trap is closed and, yes, we have a galago in it! It’s a male Zanzibar galago that appears to not give in without a fight but when in the tent for processing is the calmest one so far. What a great start with a catch on the premier night of trapping!

Our premier catchee at Nkumburuni FR -
 a male Zanzibar Galago

The days here are much hotter than any place we’ve been to before on this journey. Whilst preparing for the evening surveys, just at sunset by 6:30pm, both Simon and I praised the cool air that was coming in. Just for fun we then checked the temperature: 29 degrees Centigrade!

A footprint in the sand after a
spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta).

Andy had to take our cook Betty to town since her daughter had been caught ill. Betty, naturally stayed back with her daughter and we all hope things will turn out well!
Simon's examin the hyena print.

The trapping continued in a very nice manner. When checking the traps around 8:30pm we had caught two Zanzibar galagos - one male and one female! This turns out to be a very good site for captures!

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