torsdag 13 september 2012

Day 20

The threat of rain that had been forewarned last evening turned reality. It started raining around 11pm and is still going now as I write this at 11am in the morning. Needless to say, no galago had entered our traps and the night job was to shut the traps and go back to bed. Only two more trap nights to go now. If this rain continues all day the chances of catching anything tonight are zilch. Also, if it continues to rain too long and much we might have to wait a day to leave for the river levels to drop since it will be too high to cross with our Land Cruiser. So in short, no more rain, please!

Things to do on a rainy day - watch
the kettle boil
 (Photo by Andrew Perkin).
The rain stopped at 1pm and it looked, at least temporarily, that we would get sun, or at least not rain, for the remainder of the day. We went out and baited the traps and hoped for the best. We were fresh out of bananas so it was a straight up palm wine fill up in the traps – real party traps! Night begun and the silence were deafening! The quietest evening so far! To pour salt in the wounds even more, it started to rain. With only one more possible night of trapping left, we decided it was just as good to leave prematurely and go tomorrow. The “roads” leading up to the main road to town was deteriorating quite quickly and getting very muddy. If we don’t leave in time we might be stuck here for a much longer time than intended.

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