torsdag 27 september 2012

Day 29

The morning started at 3:30am. Would the previous evening’s trapping success continue? Yes, in a way it did! We had caught one Zanzibar female! We now have four galagos in two trapping days. We will soon have enough animals for our genetic samples. Fingers crossed the trapping spree continues!

Andy has a great tent with plent of room for two
people and one galago in a trap.

During Andy’s trip to Kiwiriri yesterday he got an assessment on the car with the problem of starting. Since they couldn’t fix it there and then he was promised that if he came back the day after (today) they would have another go at it. Said and done, Andy and I went into town to get the car fixed. They started working on it around 12pm and we sat down at a nearby lunch place to watch the final minutes of the Premier League game between QPR – Chelsea whilst waiting. Time passed on and on and on. So we went for lunch, witnessed a street fight and went back. When the clock was 6:50pm it was fixed. Betty was there now as well and accompanied us to camp. A long day of waiting was over but the breeze cooling the air in town made it all worthwhile.
Simon filled us in on his day’s activities and galago activity during our absence. Apparently the galagos had been very vocal and hopes were high for more trapping success. But alas, none were trapped in the evening.

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