söndag 2 september 2012

Day 10

No trapping success during the night which meant, for me, an oppportunity to catch up on a few hours of sleep. We are starting to run out of supplies but Andy's partner Nike and their children Amani and Olivia are coming today and they will bring some supplies with them. Water for cooking, tea and coffee will be collected at the local well though. This will be the last day here since we are leaving tomorrow.

Dad's got helpers! Olivia up front and Amani are helping with baiting of the traps.

Our visitors arrived at 2:30pm and the camp was alive in a way it hasn't been before. Quite nice with a change of pace. Taking an early dinner we went out for a trap check around 8pm. A bit earlier than usual but Amani and Olivia were getting tired. We were lucky! When we came to one of our traps one Rondo Dwarf sitting under it. It carefully explored the trap whilst we were watching and then went in! What a perfect start to their visit! It turned out to be a re-captured animal but there were some happy kids.

Olivia likes to help dad to catch galagos!

Just right after we heard another trap set off and it was yet another Rondo that we'd caught. This was a new one. A little bit later we also got two Garnetti's but both were released without sampling. One had only one functioning eye and Simon and Andy released it because of that. The other one was a re-trapping. Last night at this site. What a way to finish off!

Hands-on experience with a Rondo Dwarf Galago.

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