söndag 2 september 2012

Day 7

Just about to start the night surveys at 4:30am when I went for a trap check. We had caught another Zanzibar galago! Whilst preparing for measurements and genetic sampling Andy and Simon went out to check the other traps. We had caught another one as well! This time it wasn't the Zanzibar galago but the rare Rondo Dwarf Galago! Neadless to say this meant that there was no more time for night surveys of the are since galagos go to bed at sunrise and that was in approximately in an hour and a half. We got down to business and managed to be ready just in time for dawn. When we released the Zanzibar galago she made a contact call, got a reply from her friends and headed off for bed. Quite the successful morning.

The Rondo Dwarf Bushbaby

The traps are open and loaded with bananas and pombe (palm wine), if needed, around 5:30-6:00pm every day. We had put up the last remaining traps broughtb so we now have a total of 17 traps rigged wherof ten are Chardonneret, five tube and two Tomahawk traps. One trap got baited with an alternative bait today. Simon mistook a bottle of kerosene for palm wine and pour a cup of it in one trap. The mistake was fixed and the smell of kerosene slowly evaporated away.

The happy time of freedom after conttributing to the advances of science - Rondo Dwarf Galago

After dinner it was time to check on the traps. Again we had a strike of luck! One Zanzibar (a re-trapping), one Rondo and one Garnett's galago had been caught. We had our evening's work cut out for us and we spent several hours sampling two of these - till 1 am. We are on a roll!

Garnett's galago temporarily giving up the situation.

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