torsdag 27 september 2012

Day 27

The night has been very promising. Our Zanzibar galagos have been calling just above our tents on several occasions. We definitely do not have to move site!  The morning survey starts around 5am. A morning chorus of assembling calls starts around 5:30am and continues for about 20 minutes. At least three groups seem to inhabit the near vicinity. This is great news!

The first picture of a Zanzibar galago from this forest.

Simon and I start the morning, after breakfast, to put the Chardonneret traps together. Meanwhile Andy, Betty and Mesa Umari (forest guard) take the car into Ikwiriri town to collect water. The traps are put together with cable tie which makes the process immensely much easier! With the water comes also a rooster so we get a non-veggie dinner tonight. And, believe it or not, it does not rain here!

Betty's preparing breakfast.

Late afternoon was spent find suitable trap sites and subsequently rig them there. There were a couple of places where their calls had been quite intensive the night before so those spots were prioritized. When dusk fell we heard our Zanzibar galagos call quite frequently and I also managed to film a sequence with one grooming itself high up in a tree. A chicken supper later we put our feet up for the night.

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