måndag 13 augusti 2012

New dates and survey sites set

Flexibility is a must in a project like this. Two days before my scheduled departure date to Tanzania a sudden change in plans were made and we decided that it'd be better to postpone my trip with a week to match the arrival of Simon better. Said and (almost) done! Good thing about this is that almost everything is set and ready to go a whole week in advance now! New departure date from Sweden will now be August 22.

Survey sites are confirmed now! Due to the limited time we have for fieldwork the focus on this trip will be sampling populations of Galagoides zanzibaricus udzungwensis (mainland Zanzibar galago), Galagoides cocos (Kenya Coast Galago), Galagoides rondoensis (Rondo Dwarf Galago) and potentially Galagoides orinus (Mountain Dwarf Galago). The surveys will be conducted at the following sites:

  • Site - Mtai Forest Reserve
    • Species hopefully present - G. z. udzugwensis (northern range limit); G. cocos (southern range limit); G. orinus (if present then at 800 m a.s.l.)
  • Site - Pugu Forest Reserve (forest area nearby the reserve)
    • Species hopefully present - G. rondoensis G. z. udzungwensis
  • Site - Nyumburuni Forest Reserve
    • Species hopefully present - G. z. udzingwensis (southern range limit)
The map on the project website have been updated and show you were the sites are located.

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