onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Journey begins!


Day 0

A long journey begins. Just before I leave home the bag with all the traps rips at the seems. Not the best start! No time to repack so leave anyway. These things usually can be fixed at the airport, I think. True enough, I get help at the airport to saran wrap the holy bejesus out of the bag! Wonder if I will be able to access anything myself without extensive power tools now...anyways, overweight luggage safely checked in and first leg of the journey is completed as I now have arrived at Doha. The second leg to Dar es Salaam starts at 2am so there is quite a bit of a wait (7 pm here now... ). However, flight to Doha was on half-full plane so it was quite comfy and waiting in the lounge area is nice. Tomorrow - Tanzania!


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